Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body

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I seriously obsessed over this until I finally ordered it. I almost got it when the Urban Decay holiday collection first came out and I ordered the Anarchy Face Case, but put it off. Then, of course, kept thinking about it like I do so often with beauty products that I can't pass up. The Naked Illuminated powder is BEAUTIFUL!

The packaging itself is cardboard, which I think if they're charging $29 for something it should at least have a sturdy plastic packaging, but what can you do? It is decently sturdy for being cardboard, I will give it that. The outer part of it is glittery and feels soft, kind of like suede.
The powder is baked, and is housed inside the top layer of the "compact" I guess is the only word for it! There is a mirror on the inside of the cover, and a floral print all over.
The powder itself is so nice and very, VERY shimmery. More like glitter than shimmer, actually. But we'll get to that soon...
This is a shot of it without the flash, so that you can see it in natural light.

Now here is a swatch swiped straight from the product onto the back of my hand. It is a champagne shimmer, as you can see...
...and with the flash it really picks up the glittery-ness of it.
If you blend it out/diffuse it so it's not so concentrated, it makes a really nice effect. I think it is going to come in handy for the holiday season especially when getting dressed up - it'll look really pretty on the chest/shoulders.

All in all, I really love this and I'm glad I picked it up. I understand not everyone likes a glittery highlighter but to be completely honest I've been using this on my face and LOVING it! If you go light handed with it, it's beautiful and gives you such a nice glow. This was originally announced as being exclusive to Ulta, which is where I purchased it, but it is now on the Urban Decay website as well.

I mention and show the powder in this video:

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