Thursday, October 17, 2013

MAC Pro Lip Palette - 6 Preferred Pinks

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  MAC sent me this lip palette after I contacted them when I was not-so-happy about the way the RiRi Hearts MAC collection was handled/launched on their website. I even made a rant about it on here. But, I will say that their customer service is excellent and though I wasn't able to order the stuff I wanted from that collection, they made an effort to show that they do care about their customers and offered me something else instead.

 This is one of their Pro Lip Palettes in 6 Preferred Pinks. It contains 6 lipsticks of different finishes and is a really good option for those who want to try out a handful of MAC shades at once!

Pretty Please is a Lustre finish. It's a really sheer, light pink shimmer.
 On the lips it's pretty much like wearing a lip gloss. Feels nice, but doesn't have much color payoff.

Please Me is a matte finish. It's a deep pink that almost looks coral.
As you can see, in the pan it looks nothing like it does on the lips! Comes off much more of a coral color, on my lips anyway.

Lovelorn is another lustre finish, and is pretty much just a sheer wash of medium pink color.
It gives the lips a very nice finish. I don't normally love their lustre finishes, but this one is nice.

Creme De La Femme is a frost finish and is probably my favorite in this palette. It is a shimmery mauvey-pink.
Just enough shimmer, very pretty color.

Show Orchid is an amplified finish (my fave!) and is one I've heard a lot about in the beauty community. This is a brightpink with violet undertones.
Super fun color to wear!!

And last but not least we have Violetta, another amplified finish and another shade I've heard a lot about in the beauty community. It is a bright purple.
This one just doesn't rank up there with their other amplifieds, to me anyway. The amplifieds are always super creamy and pigmented, and this one applies patchy and takes some working with to get it to look like an even application on your lips. It's a pretty color, don't get me wrong, it's just not as awesome as it could be.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, the first one on my new domain! Remember to follow the blog on bloglovin' so you won't miss anything!

I did a whole video about this palette here:

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