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Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case

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This sucker has been taunting me since all the Urban Decay holiday stuff hit stores. I couldn't decide which Face Case to get, but knew I wanted one cause it's a great deal for the price - 5 shadows, 2 blushes, a highlighter, lipstick and eyeliner for $44? That's pretty good especially for Urban Decay when their single shadows are $18 each. Plus, I love the Naked Flushed palette and was really excited to try some new blush shades from them!

I finally decided on the Anarchy Face Case because I felt like the Shattered one had too many shadow shades similar to ones I already have from Urban Decay (they tend to do a lot of look-alike shadows) and lord knows I have enough purples already! 

The outside box is so pretty I'm going to end up keeping it, I think! The back lists all the products that come inside, but the colors are way off from what they actually are, so they kinda goofed there.
The palette itself is a double-layer case that houses the shadows and liner on top and the blushes/highlighter/lipstick on the bottom.
The top layer actually has a cutout for the lip pencil so that you can see it whether you have just the top layer open, or the bottom.

The first color in the palette is Redemption. It's a deep gunmetal silver-grey.

The next color is Fray. It's a matte pinky-peach. I actually like this one a lot for blending out looks with this palette.

Vaporize is a metallic taupe. LOVE this color!

Provocoteur is a very metallic light pink. This one has been getting flack from a lot of people, but I actually like it. I'm not a fan of the chunky Urban Decay shadows but this one doesn't bother me as much as the old formula ones did! It's very soft though, so you have to be careful with it. It's not exactly chunky glitter, it just comes off chunky because it's so soft - once you blend it out it's quite pretty.

 Last but not least for the shadows is Revolt - this is a metallic foil silver.

Then there is a mini Perversion eyeliner - we've all seen this before, an awesomely blackest black liner:

Now we'll take a look at the blushes and highlighter. This is my favorite part of the palette! I'm in love with the UD blushes and hope someday they'll start making them available all the time and not just in palettes!
Fetish is a rosey peach with very slight gold shimmer - the shimmer is so micro-fine that the blush pretty much looks matte once it's on your skin.

Quickie is a matte SUPER bright pink. It's SO GORGEOUS!!
The blushes are super soft and pigmented. You can see how soft they are - my fingers made imprints in them no matter how lightly I swatched them! They can be used very lightly for a flush of color, or more heavily for a dramatic cheek.

The highlighter is called Craze and is a nice golden champagne color.
It's not as crazy as the blushes, so you can go heavier with this one without worrying if it's too much!

Last we have the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Scandal.
The best way to describe it is a deep metallic pink.
The Super Saturated lip pencils are one of my all time favorite lip products! They feel great and last such a long time, and never seem to lose their crazy glossiness throughout the day. This color is really nice, it's one of my new favorites for fall (I've been loving berry-colors lately!) and is a nice addition to my collection.
All in all, I'd say the Anarchy Face Case did not disappoint! I love everything about it. The Anarchy one is exclusive to Sephora so if you've been wondering why you can't find it at Ulta or, that's why! Hope you guys enjoyed this review - remember to follow me on Bloglovin' so you won't miss a post or update!

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