Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maybelline Limited Edition Great Lash Mascara in Vision in Violet

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I picked up another of the limited edition Maybelline colored mascaras in Vision in Violet, which I figured would be a more wearable one than the pink!
Same brush as the other one, obviously. This purple is so dark though that it's almost black. It gives you a very slight hint of purple. I actually put it in my brows so it would show up better because you really couldn't tell on my lashes:
See? Just the TINIEST hint of purple. I thought these would be good to use for colored brows, I know they have the Anastasia brow colors that are more pricey but you can get a more subtle colored effect with this (the pink shows up even brighter as a brow color). They might be a fun, cheaper way for you to work your way up to brighter brows if you've been wanting to try wearing them!

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