Monday, September 30, 2013

MAC's website is a JOKE!!

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It's not too often that I have an angry rant about a company, but because this is makeup related I feel the need to share it. I have never had a problem with MAC's website before, but I have heard several people complain about wait times when limited edition collections launch. I've never ordered as soon as one launched before, but today I wanted to get a few things from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. What a mistake.

First of all, it was launching at noon, so I had the page loaded on my computer at 11:30. At noon time, it went to a "you are waiting to shop the RiRi Hearts MAC Collection" wait page. This went on for over 2 HOURS. At that point, the collection loaded, I added the 4 things I wanted to my bag, and then it wouldn't let me checkout. It is 3pm now and I've been doing this shit since noon!!! In that time, everything I wanted sold out. This is complete and utter ridiculousness. If this is the way they run these things, it's the stupidest business move I've ever seen - they're going to have a ton of pissed off customers to deal with and I'm for sure never shopping as soon as a collection comes out again, that's a promise.

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