Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sephora Beauty Insider Real Birthday Turn-Ons!

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One of the things everyone loves about Sephora is the free Birthday gift that they give every year if you are signed up for their Beauty Insider program. This year I wasn't able to make it to a store on my actual birthday, so I ordered it when I ordered my Ariel collection stuff. It let me choose on the site whether I wanted this set, last year's gift which was the Fresh Sugar lip duo, or a men's shaving cream. I chose the benefit set because I've really been enjoying their products lately.

This comes with 2 samples - the They're Real! Mascara, and Watt's Up highlighter.

Watt's Up! Is very smooth, creamy, and blendable. It glides on nicely and gives a golden champagne glow to wherever you apply it. Same effect as their Girl Meets Pearl highlighter, but that one is more pink-toned.
 On the left is a straight swatch of it, and on the right it is blended out.
Next is They're Real Mascara - this is the one that gets talked about a lot. You can't tell much from the picture, but the wands' tip has the spiky ball-style applicator while the rest of it is short stubby rubber bristles. This wand literally lets you get to every single lash. 
Here is a shot of my naked lashes.
And here they are wearing "They're Real"

It's a really nice mascara and I love the wand - it makes sure I don't miss any spots! But I can't say the formula is anything spectacular. It really just makes my lashes black and that's about it. I like the Bad Gal Lash better! I would love it if the Bad Gal Lash had THIS wand - I think it would make an amazing product. Maybe someday they'll do that and name it something else lol

I talk about this set in this video:

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