Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Part of Your World Palette from the Sephora Ariel Collection

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When photos of the Ariel collection first surfaced, this was the one thing I for sure knew I wanted. The packaging on the palette itself is just gorgeous - I love the image of Ariel sitting in the moonlight. So I knew if nothing else, I had to make sure I got my hands on this one.
Again with a cool barcode - this one is shaped like the castle, with Sebastian and Ariel.
This is the gorgeous cover of the compact. I love it so much! I will come right out and say that when I first saw this, I wanted it purely for this cover lol
The palette contains 4 eyeshadows and 2 applicators which have a brush on one end and sponge tip on the other. The brush ends are soft, but nothing you can get much use out of. The compact mirror says "dreams are realities in waiting" along the bottom.
At first glance I didn't like the color selection in here. There's:
Who's-It, a shimmery pearl white
What's-It, a matte greyed taupe
Dinglehopper, a pale green with slight shimmer
Snarfblat, a medium sparkly purple

Once I played around with looks I realized I'll get more use out of this than I thought. I've been wearing What's-It on the lid with Snarfblat on the outer corner and Who's-It as an inner corner highlight. I wasn't so sure these colors would work well together but the palette is deceiving!
Who's-It is an excellent highlight shade. What's-It is really unique and as long as you pack it on, you get good color payoff. Dinglehopper is the dud of the palette and isn't as pigmented as the rest. And Snarfblat is my favorite - it really surprised me with how pigmented it is with just a little bit of product!

For someone who only ordered this for the compact, I am VERY pleased with the actual product. I have never been a fan of Sephora brand eyeshadows but this collection has made me change my mind.

I talk about the palette in this video:

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