Sunday, August 25, 2013

Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Shadows

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I haven't had any new mineral makeup to play with in soooo long. I kept hearing good things about Concrete Minerals and when I found out they had a Blogger Deal, I had to take advantage of it (check it out at I chose 4 of the Pro Matte colors and they also sent me 2 samples of their regular shadows which I will also review for you. I'll get into those first:
Strobelight is a really pretty blue-gray with lots of multi color sparkle - it has a bit of a duochrome to it that was really hard to catch on camera.

Angel Dust is a shimmery purply-pink that has a blue duochrome to it. This one was easier to catch with the camera!
Both of these shadows are beautifully pigmented and they are smooth and easy to blend and work with. 

Now for the full sizes...the reason I went with the mattes is because it is so, soooooo hard to find matte loose pigments, let alone ones that are actually easy to work with and not chalky! Well let me tell you, my search is over because these are an absolute dream.

The first color is Fame. A matte, bright yellow. We all know how hard it is to find a good yellow, right?
The jars come with sifters, which I'm not the biggest fan of but I have been getting more and more used to them lately - they do help to keep containers neater and not make as much of a mess as I usually do when I use non-sifter jars.
And there you go - one swatch, over NOTHING. No base, no primer, nothing. Go ahead, soak that in - a perfect, BRIGHT, MATTE yellow that is smooth, easy to blend, and absolutely perfect. I'm going to go ahead and say this is even more pigmented than my #1 go-to yellow before this one, Sugarpill's Buttercupcake.

The next one I picked is Hi-Fi, a matte bright pink.
I don't own a good matte bright pink - I have a few shimmery ones, but I decided on this one because I love pink and figured this needed to be in my collection.
For some reason my camera kept catching so shine on this one, but in person it is definitely matte! Again, super pigmented and bright!

Now, Risque. A matte, true red - yes, red. As with yellows, reds are the hardest to find in the makeup world.
Again, I'm going to compare this to Sugarpill, because Love+ is probably the most well-known good red colored eyeshadow around right now. 
Amazing, right? For red shadow lovers like me, I'm telling you you NEED this in your collection! I have since used this with a mixing medium and it makes and amazing red liquid liner! I'm even going to be using it for blood-related Halloween stuff this year. SO EXCITED!!!

Last but not least is Bulletproof. This is a matte royal blue.
I had seen xsparkage do a review on her blog, and she said this color was exactly like Chaos from the Urban Decay Vice Palette, only more pigmented and easier to blend. I do not own the Vice Palette but I always lusted after the Chaos shadow - this color is definitely exactlyyyyy like it!
I...ugh. There are no words.

I am absolutely amazed by the pigmentation in these shadows. It has been quite a while since I got excited over some bright colors. I love them all so much! There are so many more colors on the website that I think I need to check out now. Concrete Minerals, you are amazing and I love you!!

I also did a video review so you can see these bad boys in action:

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