Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments


I am a little disappointed that so many people were raving about these like they were the best things ever. I was so excited for them that I checked online EVERY DAY to see if any stores had them yet. I found them on the Target site but they weren't available yet, so I kept checking there every day for about 2 weeks until they finally had most of the shades available to order (they are still not in my local Target yet).
I wanted to try a couple shades before I went crazy getting a bunch of them. So I picked the two that stood out to me the most - Brash Blue and Wild Gold. The thing is, they're just not that good. Let me elaborate...

They come in little sifter jars that annoy me because it's really hard to get product out. The only loose pigments that I think need a sifter that don't come with one are the Makeup Geek ones, simply because they are chock full to the top with product and can make a mess when you twist the cap on and off. 
This is Brash Blue, with no base or primer or anything. It's an almost matte bright blue. Not very impressive on its own, but it can be built up over a sticky base to achieve better pigmentation. This one stains like crazy though! After swatching it on my hand when i first got it, I had a blue mark on me the rest of the day.
Wild Gold is a little bit more pigmented - it is a yellow gold and it looks much better when I use the gold Covergirl Flamed Out shadow pencil under it as a base, because they are pretty much the same color and the pencil helps this stick better. 

As you can see they're not horrible, but not as great as everyone's been making them out to be, either. Which is a huge bummer because these could have been so much better! The cream Color Tattoo shadows are AMAZEBALLS and I thought these would be, too. You absolutely have to use a sticky base with these if you want them to work for you, otherwise they are going to end up looking washed out and faded. I was looking to get the pink and teal one but after trying these I don't think I'll even bother.

I talk about these in this video:


  1. I wonder if they want you to use the color tattoos under them? I would hate buying a product only to find out that it needs something else to make it work though, if you know what I mean. Luckily I haven't been into makeup for awhile! I've been checking out Asian cosmetics for now.

    1. I've been using my gold cream color tattoo under the gold pigment and it works really well. That kind of sucks that they made it like that, you pretty much have to use the cream product with the pigment lol