Thursday, June 6, 2013

Makeup Geek Pigment - Liquid Gold

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I had been wanting to try Marlena's makeup line for a while, but once I saw the new pigments and gel liners I knew I needed to get something. I was actually looking through my collection a couple weeks ago for a specific gold and I couldn't believe that out of all the stuff I have, I didn't have a GOOD metallic, true gold. And afterwards I started seeing swatches of the Makeup Geek pigments and yeah, this one needed to be mine.
It comes in a clear plastic jar with a matte black top that has the Makeup Geek logo on it. The only downside, and I can't believe I'm saying this because I hate sifters, but this one really could use a sifter. I think it's because the jars are more shallow than most pigment jars, it just wants to make a mess every time I open it up. But as you can see, the color itself is gorgeous.
This is just from lightly touching my finger into the lid. INSANE. It's like the Midas Touch! (Hahaha I know, I'm hilarious).
And with one swipe, you get this. Liquid Gold is a perfect name for this pigment. It's a perfect metallic gold, super pigmented so this jar is going to last forever! It goes on smooth and blends nicely. You really cannot beat this pigmentation and quality for $6.99! I love that the MUG line is so affordable. Now that I've tried some stuff I definitely know I need to get some more things!

You can see my video about this here:

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