Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polishes

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This post is going to be pretty picture-heavy because these are polishes that aren't too impressive on their own but need to be shown over black to realize their full potential. I picked up 2 shades from this collection - the one on the left is Aquamarine and the one on the right is Topaz.
First, here is Aquamarine by itself, 2 coats with flash:
And here it is without flash:
Aquamarine is a light teal with violet shift - very sheer by itself. Now let's take a look at it over black - this is one coat of Wet n Wild's "Ebony Hates Chris" and one coat of Aquamarine over it. See what a difference it makes?
My camera didn't do that great of a job picking up the violet shift, but you can definitely see how much cooler this polish looks over black! I haven't tried a different dark color, like navy blue or something but I'm sure it would work for that too!!
Now for Topaz by itself - this color is a khaki green with gold shift. 
This was 3 coats. A little bit better pigmentation-wise than Aquamarine but again, not really awesome on its own. And here it is over black:
Looks amazing over the black!!! 
So all in all, these were disappointing at first because they look amazing in the bottle but swatched very, very sheer. I'm sure the rest of the shades are that way as well. But, it is totally remedied by putting them over a dark base. I like to do that with most polishes that are sheer like this - because it always brings out the polishes full potential and helps them look as awesome as they do in the bottle!!
I mention the polishes in this video:

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