Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Brilliant Sapphire

I gotta say, I was interested in trying one of these even though I KNEW I was going to hate the packaging! The Sparkle Eye Dusts from NYC are loose shadows in a lipgloss-like tube with a doe foot applicator, which makes absolutely no sense.
There's no way i could apply this with the applicator - it's far too messy. The product falls everywhere just trying to get the applicator out of the tube, nevermind attempting to put it on your lids that way. There is a plastic stopper in the top that can be easily removed so that I can just store the shadow in a 5 gram jar and get far more use out of it than if I left it this way - I would never reach for it.
The plus side is that the product actually is a GOOD product. It's very pigmented and blends nicely. Brilliant Sapphire is a navy blue that's almost metallic looking. So, aside from it's disfunctional packaging, I actually do like it. This is one that is getting depotted for sure!
I talk about this here:


  1. wow. the color DOES look super pigmented. Seriously! WHY the dough-foot applicator! lol

    1. I think that is seriously the dumbest packaging ever. Aside from the L.A. Colors loose pigments with the tiny little hole and bent brush that they used to make. Those things were SUPEr pigmented but I had to break all the containers open so I could use them lol!!