Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks and Glosses

There's been a display popping up at the drugstores of new Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks and glosses - the shades of lipsticks correspond nicely with the shades of glosses, so they work well together. I have been loving purples lately so I picked up the lipstick in Berry Couture and the gloss in Sugar Violet.
Here is Berry Couture - first without flash, then with flash. It is a pinky purple that I really like. The formula itself is creamy and smooth and doesn't really have any scent at all. It is pretty moisturizing, but the color doesn't last long on the lips which is a bummer. I'd say about an hour before having to reapply.
Here is is swatched, again without flash and with flash.
Here is Sugar Violet - it is a sheer pinky purple gloss with pink and violet glitter in it - gorgeous! It has a faint vanilla smell to it, and because it is so sheer it works perfectly with the Berry Couture lipstick. 
Here it is swatched without flash and with flash - I made sure you could really see the glitter! 
And here it is over the Berry Couture lipstick - such a pretty combo! I find when I use the gloss over the lipstick, it helps the color to last a little longer. Be on the lookout for this display because they have some fun new colors!
Check out the video where I show these here:


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