Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sinful Colors Buff to Bright Collection

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I am trying to do more nail polish posts, so that is what you guys are going to see today! I have sooooo many polishes and just keep finding more new awesome ones, so I am going to go all-out and do 2 full collection posts. The first one I'm doing is the Sinful Colors Buff to Bright collection. Sinful Colors is one of my favorite polish brands, simply because they are such good quality for such an affordable price! 

First we have Genteel, a previously rare shade that was only sold in Europe. It is a sheer pink with a hint of pinkish violet shimmer in it. It is kind of like a jelly finish because it is so sheer.

Next is Nude, a brand new shade. It's a very pigmented brownish nude cream that is opaque with one coat!

Unicorn is a very pale yellow cream, pretty unique to anything else I have in my collection. Had to have this one for spring!

Cloud 9 is a shimmery light orange, another awesome spring color. The shimmer in this one really stands out in natural sunlight.

Then we have Folly, which I already have - it has been released with collections before, and I believe it is a color in their permanent line. It's a dark/hot pink cream.

Gogo Girl looks like a true bright red cream in the bottle, but has more of a pink hint to it once applied. 

Endless Blue is the one I was most excited for out of this collection - it is such a unique blue! Almost like a "bright navy" color is the best way I can describe it, it's super opaque and a cream finish.

Last we have Pistache, another color previously only available in Europe. It's a pistachio green cream, another really opaque color!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first major nail polish swatch post - there will be more to come! All the swatches were done on fake nails, with 2 coats of each polish.

I talk about each polish in this video:

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