Friday, April 26, 2013

April Starbox

This month's box featured "neutrals," shades that would work for all skintones. The box itself is brown and blue.

Inside were 4 products - 3 are regular Starlooks products and one is a "Starbox Exclusive" like last month's lip scrub - a product they are testing out in the Starboxes and isn't available on the website yet.

The Starbox exclusive is this lip balm. It says the retail price is $5. 
Just a clear balm, it has SPF 15 and mint and aloe vera. It is nice and feels smooth on the lips. it's very moisturizing and smells like spearmint, which is a nice change from all the peppermint scented lip products that I can't stand! This actually reminds me of spearmint gum.

Next is the translucent mineralized loose powder. This stuff reminds me of Makeup Forever's HD powder, or the elf High Definition powder. It's basically a white setting powder that is supposed to be good for oil control. I will attest to that - as a matter of fact, it works for me like my Urban Decay De-Slick does. Definitely helps keep oil at bay. 

It comes with a little powder puff and just has a sifter inside. You get a good amount of product! This retails for $19. It will definitely last a long time because you don't need much. More importantly, you don't WANT to use much because this is one of those powders that will give you a white cast if you're not careful - ESPECIALLY if you're being photographed. You know how you always see celebs being made fun of in the tabloids because they were photographed looking super powdery or pale or have big white under-eye patches? That's from using these powders and then the camera flashes reflect off the powder making them look super white. You pretty much don't ever want to use one of these for instances where you're being photographed, like weddings or anything, but it does its job otherwise!

Next is a Tendergloss Lipstick that retails for $11. It is in the color Basic.
This is a really nice pinky-nude color with some gold sheen. My camera picked it up more orangey for some reason, but it is definitely more pink in person. I received one of the Tendergloss lipsticks in one of the first Starboxes I ever got and really liked the formula, though I wasn't crazy about the color. They are smooth and creamy and pretty pigmented and I love this color! For being a non-sticky lipstick, it lasts a pretty long time.

 Last thing in the box is the Lash Boost Mascara Base. This retails for $15.
 I love the packaging on this - it is silver and makes the mascara base look like a bullet!
 This product is labeled as a base/primer but after playing around with it, I would have just called it lash fibers. Honestly, I tried every which way to make this product work for me but I just don't like what it does. I don't know if it's because I have decently long lashes already or what but it just makes clumps at the ends of my lashes that show up something awful once I apply mascara.
 This is my left eye, with only the Starlooks Lengthening Mascara on my lashes.
 And here is the Lengthening Mascara OVER the Mascara Base. See what I mean about the weird clumps on the ends? I am going to try this stuff on my grandma, who has the shortest lashes known to man, and see if it works better on her lol. I could see it working well if it coated the whole lash but it tends to just clump at the ends no matter what I do. Also, it makes my lashes very stiff which I don't like. One of the traits I look for in a mascara is that it doesn't make them "crispy" feeling! The mascara alone is fine but with the base, it makes them super crispy.
Now my free product to review for you guys actually came at the same time as my Starbox this month so I am going to review it along with the rest of the Starbox products. This is called Glitter Glam Brillants in the color BB Pink. It is essentially a loose glitter, but it says not to use it around the eye area.
Not using it on my eyes is going to be hard - this product is gorgeous! I really don't know what else I'll use it for other than nails if it isn't eye safe.
It is in a jar with a little hole on the top so that you don't pour out too much.
The top swatch is the glitter by itself, and the bottom one is it applied over the LA Splash shadow sealer/base. Applied that way it looks like a pink pigment with gold sheen - soooo pretty!
And a shot from a different angle - isn't this stuff pretty? It's such a bummer that it says it isn't eye safe! That hasn't stopped me before from using other things on my eyes lol so I may just try it anyway.
Hope you guys enjoyed this month's Starlooks review! As always, you can sign up for your own monthly box at the Starlooks Website and tell them that I sent you! :)

You can check out my first impressions video for the April Starbox here:



  1. Great swatch photos. I dont know how I feel about mascara primers in general. lol They have NEVER worked for me. They seem to bug my eyes.

    1. That was the first thing that I didn't like out of all the boxes I've received so far, so that's pretty damn good! lol yeah I like the Urban Decay one cause it works nice, but all the others I've tried are just like this - they leave weird clumpies lol!