Friday, March 29, 2013

Rock Your Hair "Big Hair Rocks" Products!

*These products were sent to me from Rock Your Hair for review purposes. These are my own opinions!!

I was contacted a few weeks ago to try out some products from Rock Your Hair. I checked out their website and really liked the look of their products so I decided to give them a go. My hair is naturally very thick and curly, and I noticed a lot of their products are for volumizing, which I don't particularly need. But when my hair is straightened (which is most of the time) it's very flat and I never do anything with it. So I figured trying out some volumizing stuff would give me some inspiration to do something with my straight hair other than wearing it down all the time, or thrown into a ponytail.

First off, you can see how awesome their packaging is. Everything is bright pink and has rhinestones on it! Even the box they sent my stuff is is pink cheetah print - so cute!

The first thing I got was the Big Hair Rocks shampoo and conditioner. These are the 2oz. bottles that retail on the site for $7.20 each. The 10.5 oz shampoo bottle retails for $17.00 and the 10.5 oz conditioner is $20.00. These both have a nice clean scent to them, though the conditioner has a stronger scent than the shampoo. With my thick hair I ended up using half of these bottles with one wash so I would go for the bigger ones if you have thick hair like me! The shampoo doesn't get very sudsy, which I wasn't used to. But it did clean nicely because my hair felt very clean afterwards. The conditioner left it soft and shiny, and even helped combat my never-ending frizz!

Next is the Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Weightless Detangler. This retails for $20.00. It smells soooooo good and makes your hair super soft. I've been spraying it in right before I dry my hair - my hair usually gets tangled when I go to comb it before drying, but this allows me to comb through it easily without a problem.

Next we have the Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift. This is a 13 oz bottle and retails for $20.00. It is in an aerosol can, looks just like a hairspray, but is actually a mousse. If you spray it on your roots you see it kind of foam up a little bit like a mousse does. When I spray this at the roots at my crown before styling, it allows my to make a pouf without having to tease my hair at ALL! It also smells really good, I can smell it throughout the house whenever I use it.

This is the Spray it Hard Big Volume Hairspray. It's a 10 oz bottle and retails for $22.00. This stuff has amazing hold without being overly sticky or stiff. It also doesn't leave a white residue which is VERY important to me. No one wants their hair to look dusty!! I haven't tried a good quality spray like this in a while. While I don't think that any hairspray is worth $22.00, I'm really enjoying this one!

I saved my favorite product for last!! This is the Bombshell Big Hair Powder. It is 0.9 oz and retails for $17.00. This stuff smells amazing!! It's my first time trying a powder for my hair and let me tell you, I am in love. Not only does it make your hair smell good, it totally revitalizes day-old hair. You can rub it in at the roots to help add volume, or run it throughout your hair to add shine. It absorbs right away and has such a cool feel to it, almost like it turns to liquid when it hits your skin. 

I am so glad I got to try out these products because a lot of it is stuff I would never think to try out for my hair - and I ended up loving all of them!

You can see my first impressions video from when I first tried the products here:


  1. I think I'd most like to try the volume spray because my hair needs more volume definitely.

    1. I think you'll love it then!! It's cool cause it looks just like a hairspray/sprays out like a hairspray, but it foams up a little like a mousse, it's unlike anything I've tried before!