Monday, March 18, 2013

NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe Waterproof

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This is my last NYX post today! lol are you guys sick of me yet? I wanted to get all these reviews up at the same time. So these are the new Glam Liner Aqua Luxe Waterproof liners from NYX. I got Glam Nude and Glam Purple.

The applicators are tiny brushes, which make it perfect to get a good straight line every time, even at the inner corner of your eye.

The purple is pretty unique, I don't have a purple liquid liner like this one. It's a medium purple with BLUE glitter in it! The nude is a metallic peachy nude color - at first I though it was a weird color for eyeliner, but it looks great as a cat eye liner over a dark look. Or even as a thick liner with a thin line of black liner over it. 

Here's a blurred picture in my attempts to capture the blue glitter better!

These take a while to dry once they're applied, but once they do they do NOT budge! I also noticed, more with the nude one than the purple, that it has a weird feeling if you touch it once it's dried. Almost like...latex I want to say? It's hard to go over it with a black liner or another color for that matter if you want to use it as a thick liner and have a thinner line of another color over it to break up the lightness of the nude. I personally like having a black over it because it looks weird to me when I don't have black liner right near my lashes on the top lash line lol.
These liners definitely last all day. I'm not completely sold on the fact that they're waterproof, as they wiped right off my hand with just water, but they do stay on your eyes all day until you wash them off! They have them in a few other colors, and they are definitely worth checking out. These are both colors that aren't like any other liner in my collection, so they're totally worth it!!

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