Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maybelline Spring Collection Limited Edition Blushes

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I bought 2 out of the 3 limited edition spring blushes from Maybelline. I first bought the Wild Blossom one (pink) and I really wanted the Coral Burst one, but decided I wouldn't wear it and passed it up. Well, I was obsessing over it so much that I had a dream that I bought it. A few of my YouTube subscribers said it was gorgeous and talked me into it. I went back and there was one left!!

These blushes are gorgeous, nice and pigmented!

 Wild Blossom is a pale pink with lots of shimmer. Perfect for spring time! I really like shimmery blushes, probably because I wear such a matte foundation all the time. If you're not a fan of shimmery blushes I definitely don't think you would like this one!

 Coral Burst is probably the most unique blush I own. It is a super pigmented bright orange with a slight shimmer. It looks like a crazy color for blush but actually is really pretty on the cheeks. You have to be REALLY light-handed with this one though because it's so pigmented!

These blushes last ALL day long. I even wore each of them alone all day without a primer or foundation or anything underneath them, and they lasted. I've seen these at both Walgreens and CVS so if you can grab them still, definitely go for it - they're great!!

The blushes are mentioned in this video:

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