Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensationals Vivids Lipsticks

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I know, I know - I am late on the bandwagon on this one! I first picked up Fuchsia Flash (first one pictured) because it is pretty much an exact dupe for MAC's Candy Yum Yum. The only difference is this is more of a satin finish while Candy Yum Yum is a matte. I was so impressed that I went back for On Fire Red and Pink Pop.

The original Color Sensational Lipsticks were not my favorites. So it took me a while to actually go buy one of the Vivids - but I am so glad I did! I saw a lot of YouTube reviews about them and saw how pigmented they were, and just had to try one out.

Fuchsia Flash is a gorgeous, true hot pink. This is going to be a perfect spring/summer color! I have been wearing it a lot lately and absolutely love it.

On Fire Red is a bright blue toned red. I have been trying to find reds that suit me, and a lot of people have told me this kind of red looks best on me, so I gave it a try - and actually like it! I've always hated how reds look on me but I'm really starting to get used to this one.

Pink Pop is another fun color, another bright pink but more on the bubblegum pink side. 

None of these colors have any shimmer in them but they are not matte - they have a nice satin finish to them. I really love the forumla - they're very creamy and glide on nice. These are another lipstick that tends to stain a little, so when they start fading after a few hours, it fades nicely and evenly and doesn't leave blotches of color all over your lips. Plus, they don't have much of a scent which will be good news to those of you like me, who hated the strong scent of the original Color Sensational lipsticks! All in all, I am definitely giving these a thumbs up, they are great lipsticks in bright colors perfect for the change of seasons!

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