Monday, February 18, 2013

The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer and Tapered Foundation Brush

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I recently placed my first-ever order with Hautelook when I noticed that The Balm products were on there for 50% off the normal price. I had been wanting to try the Mary Lou-Manizer for the longest time, and jumped at the chance to get it on sale.

The compact itself is a very good size and has a great mirror. The powder is a very smooth consistency, blends out nicely, and gives a gorgeous glow to your skin. It is VERY pigmented so a little goes a long way!

This has easily become my every day go-to highlighter. Though I have been loving the one in the Urban Decay Flushed palette, this one is right up there with it in quality and the effect it gives on yoru skin, so it is definitely a new favorite of mine!!

I spotted their brushes on Hautelook as well, and was curious to try one, as I've never heard much about them in the beauty community. I will admit they have a rather weird style - it has "Lend A Hand" written on it, with a picture of a bunch of hands holding brushes. I can't remember if they all have the same design, I think they were all different. But the one I decided to try was the tapered foundation brush, as I did not have one of those.

The bristles almost have a plastic look to them, when I first saw it I didn't think it would be very soft, but it does feel really nice. Now, I have been trying to get used to using brushes for foundation, as every time I use them I really dislike the finish it gives me compared to applying with a blending sponge. But this one is the closest I've gotten so far to getting a nice finish like I do with the sponges. It's still not QUITE an airbrush look like the Beauty Blender gives, but it is very close and because of that this brush definitely gets a thumbs up from me and is the best foundation brush I have used so far! The tapered tip lets you get right in the small areas under your eyes and around your nose. And it smooths out the product very nicely so that it applies evenly. Love this brush!

Check out my video about these products here:

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