Friday, February 8, 2013

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

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I had been wanting to try out Real Techniques brushes for a while, but didn't want to buy a whole set of them until I tried a single one out. I've been needing a stippling brush, so I figured I would get theirs when I saw it!

I am not a fan of using brushes for putting on foundation. I always end up seeing brush strokes when I do it that way, no matter what technique I try. Case in point: I have a really nice ecoTools foundation brush and even that one does it to me! So I decided a stippling brush might change my mind.

This one is really nice, it is a duo fiber brush and really soft. It applies product evenly but I'm still not sold on it for my foundation routine. I think I will forever be a beauty blender-type sponge person when it comes to foundation. However, it is GREAT for cream highlighters and cream blushes. I hate using my fingers to apply those two products, and this makes it so much easier. I've been on a huge highlight kick lately and this is the perfect tool for that.

A cool thing about this brush is it stands up, so you can stand it on your vanity instead of sticking it in a brush holder. I definitely like its design. And it's a plus that it's my favorite color, pink! They also have other brushes that are gold and some are purple, so if you get all their brushes it's a pretty colorful setup.

I talk about the brush in this video:

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