Monday, January 21, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

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Now Maybelline has jumped on the sheer, balm-type lipsticks bandwagon with their Color Whisper line. I love the packaging for these! Very attractive and cute. As with most of these types of products, if you're looking for pigmentation, stick with the darker shades. I picked up three - the top one is One Size Fits Pearl, the middle one is Petal Rebel and the bottom one is Faint for Fuchsia.

The scent kind of reminds me of creamsicles - a faint orangey smell. That's what I pick up from them anyway! They feel very slick while on your lips and give a lot of shine, but the color doesn't last very long. Here are some pictures/swatches:
As you can see, the darker the shade, the more pigmentation. All in all these are a decent product, but definitely more for those who like a wash of color on their lips instead of a lot of pigmentation.

My YouTube video for these products:

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