Monday, January 14, 2013

Born Pretty Store

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This is going to be my review of some products I was sent for free from Born Pretty. This store has pretty much everything you could think of!! Makeup, brushes, accessories, jewelry, etc. They have also given me a coupon code: use SRMK31 at checkout and get 10% of your order! If I can get more than 10 people to use the code, the Born Pretty Store will sponsor a giveaway :) So go check out the site and be sure to use the code to get 10% off if you place an order.

The prices on this site are AMAZING. The blush brush that I am about to talk about is literally not very different from Too Faced's Teddy Bear Hair brush that costs over $30 - and this one was about $5. It doesn't shed, and is the softest face brush that I own! If you enjoy the ecoTools brushes, you will love this one - because it is softer than those and those are pretty much the nicest brushes you will ever find in a drugstore!

So this is the blush brush - it is perfect for travel, as it slides down and comes with a cover. I got the pink but they have several other colors/styles. 

The other thing I chose to review for you guys is this eyeliner. 
It is double-ended with a felt-tip brush on one end and a smooth, creamy twist-up pencil type liner on the other. As you will see from the pictures, both ends are extremely black and pigmented - definitely what I look for when it comes to choosing an eyeliner!
This is the pencil end - it is perfect for smudging under the lower lash line. It is very soft and blendable.

And this is the felt-tip end. While it is felt-tip, it's not hard like a lot of felt-tip liners are. This one is more like a brush or marker - it isn't hard and rigid but very bendable/pliable. It is very precise, as you can draw thin or thick lines with it. I only wish the tip was a bit longer, because with a tip this short it is easy to mess up at the inner corners of your eyes and accidentally make it thicker than you want to. But other than that, it has pretty decent staying power and is nice and black!

All in all, I am very pleased with the products I got from the Born Pretty Store. Don't forget to check them out and use the code SRMK31 if you do decide to place an order - remember, if more than 10 people use it I will be able to do a giveaway for you guys!!

Here is the YouTube video I did about these products:

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