Thursday, December 27, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks

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I wanted to love these so badly, I really did. But they are really disappointing. I am a huge fan of Revlon's lip products, especially the Lip Butters and Just Bitten Balms, but these really fail to compare to how awesome those 2 products are.

Here's a look at the packaging from the 3 colors I bought. The first is without flash, the second is with flash. The colors from left to right are Silhouette, Private Viewing, and High Heels.

The packaging itself is basic plastic. The way the lipsticks click up when you turn them is kind of annoying, in my opinion. They don't come up smooth like most lipsticks do. Just a little thing that annoys me, that's all.

This is #90 Private Viewing. It's a sheer shimmery nude. With and without flash:

This is #30 High Heels. It's a sheer medium pink.

And this is #001 Silhouette. It's a sheer dark pink.

These have a vanilla scent to them, and they have a great color selection, as Revlon lip products often do. While they do have a matte finish once they dry, I find them to be very drying on my lips. I need to wear a gloss over them which kills the whole point of a matte effect lipstick. I love the matte Wet n Wild lipsticks and those aren't nearly as drying as these are. After about 20 minutes of wear, my lips feel dry and cakey, like I need mass amounts of lip balm on them! As mentioned before, they click annoyingly in the packaging but that is just a minor detail. If these things weren't so drying they would have the potential to be a really nice product, but I just can't get used to it!

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