Tuesday, November 15, 2011


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I wanted you guys to know that I have a tumblr page that I often post makeup-related stuff on. It's totally random and fun so I thought I'd share the link: http://sullenriot182.tumblr.com

I need to find a way to make one online source for all my swatches, makeup updates, etc. Thinking about maintaining this blog and the facebook fanpage at the same time just gives me a headache! That's why I've been slacking on swatches so badly. I ALWAYS will do them in my youtube videos, then I just get lazy and don't take high quality photos and everything. It is MUCH easier to just take them and upload them to the FB fanpage than doing it on here - quicker and less time-consuming. Which is why I update the FB page so much more often than this page. Sorry I've been neglecting it! Going over it in my head, maybe this should be the place for written reviews of things, and the FB page will be where I'll put swatch photos. Sounds like a plan!

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