Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hard Candy Meteor-Eyes...Finally!

I have been waiting for months for the Meteor-Eyes shadows to come out. My Walmart had the shelf for them for ages, but never any product. Well when I went there today to just check for the hell of it, they FINALLY had them! So I got all the colors because I had saved up for them anyway, knowing that I wanted them. Believe me, they did not disappoint!

There are 7 colors and all 7 of them are gorgeous.
Lunar Eclipse - Gold with gold glitter
Supernova - Dark purple with pinkish-purple glitter
Intergalactic - Coppery-brown with copper glitter
Space Cadet - Dark green with green glitter
Asteroid - Blue-black with blue glitter
Outer Space - Dark silvery gray with silver glitter
Black Hole - Black with silver glitter

These shadows can be used either wet or dry. The swatches I took pictures of are all dry. You do get a little glitter fallout, you just have to be careful with them. Using a NYX Jumbo Pencil as a base helps IMMENSELY! It helps the shadow stick better, which results in less glitter fallout. Now for the swatches!!


  1. i would love it if you can put a picture of them wet,so i could see if theyre worth my purchase,it'd help me out alot! thanks!

  2. Fucking love the colors!!!! Heys its kat from youtube lol