Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kat Von D Momento Mori Limited Edition Palette

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This palette is crazy-gorgeous! "Momento Mori" means "remember you are mortal" in Latin. It is the first white palette in Kat Von D's line - all the others have been black. It's decorated with teal-colored imagery of a sugar skull, flowers, waves, and a heart with flames. The colors are all very pigmented and, like all the other eyeshadows in this line, blend easily and flawlessly. I highly reccommend grabbing this one before it's sold out!

Color swatches! "True" is the cream shadow. It's a medium purple. "Solitude" is a light lavender with a hint of shimmer to it. "Meditation" is a very shimmery peachy-gold. "Agatha Pink" is a light, shimmery peachy-pink. "Sugar Skull" is a shimmery yellow-gold. "Peggy" is a seafoam green with a light gold shimmer. "Hard Luck" is a dark forest green with gold shimmer. And "Tijuana" is a matte black with lots of gold glitter!

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