About Meg

 I am a makeup-obsessed beauty blogger/youtuber. Here is a little bit about me!

I realized how awesome makeup was at around 16. My Mom was the one that got me into it. I can tell you my first higher-end eyeshadows were from Too Faced, back when they had the actual FACE logo. Mom got me 2 of them one day when we were out shopping and that was the beginning of my addiction! I still have those shadows, I've kept them for nostalgia.
I started up a YouTube channel years later, figuring it was a way to share some creativity and product reviews with others. I never knew how much fun I was going to have with it! I started up my blog shortly after and though it got off to a slow start, once I persisted and got more serious about it, it grew and I am happy to say that I am very, very proud of it! I put a lot of time and hard work into it and hope that you all enjoy reading it as much as I love working on it.
Other than makeup (obviously!) I LOVE music and listen to almost anything. Concerts were a big thing for me before I became a Mommy, but I still try and go see my absolute favorites when they come around! Green Day is a can't-miss for me. I've loved that band since I was 9 years old, which is pretty crazy. I also love art - I should say that was my first love, as I've been drawing pretty much since I was able to hold a crayon. I think that was why I took to makeup so well - just another art form! I love tattoos and have many of them - yet again another beautiful form of art. I also dabble in cooking and baking - I love making good food and treats for my family!

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